Wski data was an app developed for a Saas Company. The app helps to track the time surfers used when taking a boat ride, keep records of their various rides and bill the riders based on the time used in each ride.

I worked on this project with a friend of mine Jide(Who is available for hire), who helped with a good part of the project. The ui designs were provided by the company and we had access to a backend API which was developed by the company with a little help from us to add some routes that were not available. The app was developed using the dart programming language using the flutter framework and the API was developed using nodejs and express framework with a mongodb database.

The app had features such as:

  • Time tracking for each individual rides
  • Creation of rides
  • Offline sync with a sqlite database that syncs with the API in case there is no internet connection
  • Full authentication system
  • Ride report and boats to show the different rides and the riders that are currently owing.

The app has not been officially released to the play store but you can watch a demo video of the app below. Also you can visit the company website by clicking here