Windframe is a project I have been working on with the help of some friends. Windframe is a visual builder for creating beautiful tailwind css websites. Windframe enables you to visually build and generate code for the frontend of your app in HTML, Angular, React and Vuejs.

This project was mainky built uisng frontend architectures like react, tailwind etc. But it also involved integrating payments using paddle, user authenetication using firebase and writing serverless functions.

Windframe now has over 1300+ user accounts and has been used to create more than 8000+ designs that have been exported by different users.

Some features I implemented on the website include:

  • Drag and drop components into a canvas
  • Editing pages on a canvas
  • Using regex to add or remove elements that were not needed
  • Generating code from canvas
  • Payments using the paddle API
  • Sending emails using the sendgrid API
  • Creating editable templates for the canvas
  • Backend auth with firebase auth.

You can can click to see the live project