SW Schoolware

SW Schoolware formally branded as IAAD Smart School is a project designed to help connect instructors and students in a learning environment, so they can be more efficient in handling the students and seeing the best path to improving the students and keeping good communication with them.

This is done with a lot of reports and analytics generated for the instructors to help understand the students better and make informed decisions. It also does this by giving the instructors access to a lot of tools that will help improve the students performance like a testing platform to enable teachers to give targeted tests to different students.

The platform was built entirely from scratch by me and it took at least 8 months of time to plan, design each webpage and also build out a lot of features available in the platform.

Some of the features of the platform is:

Reports and Analysis:

  • Class reports
  • Individual Student Reports
  • Subjects reports
  • Class average reports
  • All students reports

E-Library Management and Reports:

  • Add books to the E-library for students
  • Allowing access to this books to students
  • Reviewing of books
  • Book Catalogue
  • Reports on book usage and Inventory

Suggestion Box:

  • Send a Suggestion.
  • Send a report anonymously
  • Receive Suggestions and reports

Testing and Assignments platform:

  • Prepare tests for students to carry out.
  • Send notifications to students.
  • Checking in Students who participated in the test.
  • Seeing results and reports on the various performance of students and how they should improve.

Principal, Admin and Teachers Platform:

  • Monitor Teachers and students performance in one platform
  • Make better academic decisions with the help of dedicated reports.
  • Receive students complaints and respond to issues from teachers
  • Compiling and publishing results with custom settings.

You can watch a demo video below or you can can click https://swschoolware.herokuapp.com/ to see a live version