Retina was a project I worked on for a competition organised by facebook called the The Bot for messenger challenge 2016 for developers in Africa. It is a facebook bot that enables users to get information about their favourite Movies and TV shows. The bot was not the winner of the competition but it gained quite a lot of users during the time.

It has features such as

  • Ability to understand human language and picking out the query parameters to send to the backend.
  • You could get a short description with thumbnails of your favourite movies and tv series.
  • You can search for movies based on their name or the name of an actor, the genre of the movie or the year the movie was released.
  • You can watch a short trailer of the movies you like which was gotten from youtube.

It was created using the python programming language with flask as the framework and also connected to the google dialog flow API which was used for Natural language processing before sending queries to the flask server to return the required information.

Although the bot is no longer maintained you can still have a chat with the bot using this link. I made a demo video of the bot which you can also have a look at below or view a live version by clicking