Razu is a project I worked on for a client. I worked on a very large part of this project with other developers in the team. The company CTO handled most of the task assignment during the time and I worked on this for a lot of months. It uses react and redux for the frontend and nodejs and express for backend with mongodb database.

The platform helps connect to musicians and producers all over the world to enable them create projects and collaborate with artists even if they are on the other side of the world. The project is a very interesting one to me because I believe a lot in what the company is trying to achieve.

I worked on a large part of the 1st version of the project and Currently the 2nd version is being worked on. I have also contributed to developing a good part of the second version of the project too.

The features I implemented in the platform include such as:

  • Real time messaging between users which was producers and musicians
  • File sharing and collaboration between the users of the platform
  • Project Creation and project roles creation.
  • Notification system for the users
  • Profile creation and onboarding process for new users.
  • Also implemented a CI/CD pipeline on AWS using codepipeline to enable rapid testing and development.
  • Also containerized the app using docker running on AWS ECS with a redis cluster for caching and session storage.

The second version of the app is not live yet but here are some images of some of the parts of the app I worked on


active collaborators

create project