Devwares is a personal project I worked on with a some friends. I built almost everything on the website and a friend also helped develop a few components for the website. The website was a very interesting one to build because I had to figure out problems like switching different layouts of the site based on the url and I had to implement a base layout that renders other layouts of the site. It is built primarily with Gatsbyjs because of its SSR advantage and styled components for styling. The backend and authentication is handled with firebase and payments is handled using 2checkout and Gumroad. It also contains mdx files which I used to create some documentation on the website.

The website was created to build resources and tools for developers and designers to enable them speed up their development time and we developed some resources for developers like libraries and design systems for designers.

Some features I implemented on the website include:

  • Switching Layouts file by checking the incoming path object
  • Payments using the 2checkout API
  • Backend authentication using firebase auth
  • User and website data storage using the firestore database
  • File storage and retrieval using firebase storage
  • Sending thank you mails using the Send grid API
  • User accounts section and settings for users
  • Different sections of the website such as the blog and docs sections

You can can click to see the live project