BlueRidge AI

Blueridge AI is a platform used to detect problems in industrial sensors before they occur, allowing plant managers to focus on what matters most: improving operations efficiency while reducing costs.

I have been a contractor here and mainly worked on the reporting feature of the platform for the sensors.

I worked on features such as:

  • Generating Event and Asset report for the platform.
  • Generating and saving custom reports for different parameters for each user.
  • Sending custom reports to users through email.
  • Implementing a multi select reporting feature for the platform.
  • Implementing condition grouping and different sort of grouping of data for the reports and so much more.

The platform was built with Angular js for frontend and the backend was developed with ruby on rails with a graphql server.

The project is live but not to everyone yet. You can request access to the project through the platform. Here are some images of the reporting section I worked on.