Aflang is a project designed to help breach the language barrier that still exists in our present society especially in Africa. There are a lot of tribes in Africa and that has created a language problem for anyone moving from one location to another for business, volunteering or any other reason.

The app was built from scratch by me and took over 3 months. But the data used for the app was provided and sourced by the client. The app currently is used to learn the popular Efik language but this can be adapted to any other language of choice.

The app boost features such as

Word of the day

  • See random Efik words and there different english translation with a play a recording of how to pronounce them in the efik language.

Learning categories

  • Learn according to different categories of interaction such as Family, Food, Greetings, conversation, Numbers etc.
  • With each category you get an efik word, the English transcription and a recording of the word in efik language.

A Section with 4 different games.

  • A hangman Game
  • Writing game
  • Listening game
  • Puzzle game

A Forum

  • A user forum to allow users interact with other users and speak about different topics surrounding learning a language.

Its only available for the android platform as it was written with java.

You can watch a demo video explaining the various functionalities of the app below and you can also get a trial version of this app for yourself using this link

Note: The app will expire after 10 days of usage.